With a terrific web presence, you can compete with anyone.

Steve Jobs once said: “A small company can look as large as a big company and be as accessible as a big company on the Web.” Let us tell your story to the world, the way you want it to be told.

Form: Following Function Since 1999

Great design isn’t just about making a website visitors will like. There are so many needs to consider online, and we will help you with them all. Visitors need to easily get from A to B, and businesses need to convert them into leads (maybe even brand champions, if they play their cards right). The site needs to shine from a desktop computer to a tiny phone, and everything in between. Figmints creates compelling websites your users can fall in love with, that meet their needs and keep them coming back for more.

Web Design Elements

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1. Strategy & Discovery

We learn as much as we can, in order to make educated decisions and take aim on the project goals before us. We'll kick things off with a questionnaire and a few interviews to better understand your company, your target audience, your functionality requirements and, most importantly, your competition. After we tailor our process to best fit your needs, we'll keep researching and ideating until we've nailed down our big idea.

2. Information Architecture & UX

This is where things get real. Ideas from our discovery phase are transferred into the foundation of your new website. The Figmints team will consider structure and usability as we:

  • Map out the navigation and page organization in a sitemap
  • Elevate the site's user experience, from a high level and with granularity
  • Define functionality and content using custom page layouts for browser, mobile, and tablet view

3. UI Design

This is our favorite part of the process. We make your brand story come to life, with appropriate aesthetics and styling. Ok, we must admit, we love it so much that we already started during the architecture phase. We'll refine and iterate to deliver:

  • Style tiles to explore visual options and mood
  • A graphical user interface (or GUI) as our guide
  • Polished, custom designs for specific modules or complete paitional responsive layouts for tailored mobile experiences

4. Development & Launch

This part is so crucial to the website process that we gave it its own page! From front end visual implementation, to the logic of back end development, or even the meticulous testing of browsers and devices, you can learn all about our development process.

This big step has an even bigger finale: your site launch! We suggest celebrating with margaritas. We'll even pick up the check.