• Those who understand the importance of vector graphics, and spend the time to always get it right;
  • To those who zoom in at 600% to get pixel perfect;
  • Those who know the difference between a typeface and a font;
  • Those who stop at posters and traffic tickets alike to admire the beauty of the typeset;
  • Those who apply the historical background of graphic design to interactive applications;
  • Those who thrive on the challenge of designing unique User Interfaces and Experiences;
  • Those who can creatively understand how branding affects everything:
This is the job for you.


Detailed Mumbo Jumbo:

  • Must be able to work both independently and collaboratively with a team from concept to completion

  • Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other creative software

  • Possess a keen understanding of the interplay between UI & UX

  • Knowledge of each step of an ad campaign's process

  • Ability to work on schedule and meet client's design expectations

  • An obsession with actively seeking trend shifts and innovative ideas

  • A curiosity that keeps you digging until you solve a problem

  • An understand when to delegate, and when to proactively manage up to a Principal

  • Ability to create pixel-perfect visual design across web, tablet, and mobile platforms

  • An understanding of the technical requirements and best practices associated with rich media, email and online marketing, and responsive web design

  • 2-3 years of experience as an interactive creative professional (agency environment desirable)

  • Ability to write code puts you at the top of our list!


Your Day to Day:

  • Generating original, creative, and complete graphic design concepts

  • Going above and beyond to meet client design expectations

  • Organizing and manipulating branding studies

  • Laying out desktop published marcom collateral quickly

  • Verbally communicating how a company’s voice is translated visually
  • Illustrating vector graphics at a high-level

  • Creating dynamic web/interactive layouts with highly organized PSD files

  • Dissecting working files and picking up where other designers have left off

  • Leveraging the art of storytelling to convey a message through interactive or print design