Don't outspend your competition, Outsmart them

A dash of ingenuity, a sprinkle of personalization, a pinch of automation, and our secret ingredient (Hubspot) has revolutionized the way we do marketing. It’s time to take advantage of working with a Hubspot certified inbound marketing company.

First, a History Lesson

Back in the day, we walked uphill through the snow (both ways) to run a marketing campaign. Put quite simply, marketing was more about luck than science. You bought ads, you bought email lists, made cold calls, prayed, and hoped it would work. Then technology made things even more complicated with paid clicks, likes, impressions, pageviews, and other nonsense. Outbound marketing became expensive and stopped showing a return. 
Skip ahead to present day: the inbound marketing methodology is permanently eroding old, ineffective marketing practices by attracting customers to your website without advertisements. It allows us to understand what happens beyond the click (and before too). And we can track every step of the buyer’s process with real-time data. Sound interesting? Let’s take a closer look at our digital marketing services and how it all works.

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1. Attract

First off, we’ll lead prospects directly to your site with targeted, industry relevant content. The goal is to create educational content that brings people to your website – not to interrupt them with a sales pitch.

  • Write & design strategic blog posts, optimized for search engines
  • Leverage keywords to increase number of visits from search engines
  • Monitor social media conversations and share content with prospects in your industry

2. Convert

Next, we’ll skillfully convert an average visitor into a promising, primed lead. Here, we can cut through the nonsense by putting a name and a face to previous anonymity.

  • Design and develop calls-to-action to direct site visitors to offers
  • Optimize user experience to guide site visitors using heat mapping and analytics
  • Create landing pages and forms for the campaign
  • Design and develop offers to provide in exchange for visitor contact information


3. Close

Finally, all of our efforts pay off—quite literally—as leads transition into real customers.

  • Targeted drip emails lead prospects down the marketing funnel like a trail of breadcrumbs
  • Automatically qualify leads with lead scoring and strategic questions
  • CRM tools (and integrations) help your sales team close customers
  • Marketing automation (aka workflows) to save your team time
  • Closed loop reporting. Follow the entire buyer journey, start to finish


4. Delight

You’ve provided your clients with an amazing product or service, and now it’s time to help them share the news about how great you are.

  • Guide your customers to act as your biggest promoters
  • Update your previous customers on new business developments
  • Retain your previous customers with industry insights
  • Smart Calls to Action that change based on the buyer’s lifecycle stage



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