Careers at Figmints


We do not merely exist to labor away for no purpose.

We are inspired to help people think differently about who they are, and the people they engage – reaching their story to their audiences constantly. To design beautifully, the visual elements that captivate and move people. To build seamlessly, and create experiences that are memorable. We should do this humbly, for the clients that we serve, because when we do these things together, we feel god’s pleasure.

We will do whatever it takes to craft & tell the creative story effectively, helping clients look bigger than they are.


  1. Faith

    At Figmints, Faith as a core value is important for everyone, because it sets the tone for how we work together. Faith in your teammates, faith in the process, faith in the work that we’re doing together. Think trust, integrity, hope. We need faith first.

  2. Resourcefulness

    We admire people who can craft creative solutions to these difficult challenges. People with ingenuity, craftiness, and wit


    The most successful people at Figmints leverage the other core values to make a bigger dent, more often. One of the key aspects that helps do this, is to always have urgency in the work that you’re doing. Deadlines and client requests will always cause pressure. It’s your job to use that to fuel you, instead of letting it take you down, without getting burned out.

  4. Empathy

    If you want to have really great work, and understand the priorities both from our clients and internally, you have to have empathy for the clients you serve and the people you work with. Real empathy will give you a balance of when something is not quite where it needs to be, and when we need to get it out the door. In order to have true empathy, you have to have humility in the approach you take, and how you communicate – always listening first, and then listening again before you try and solve.

  5. Curiosity

    At Figmints, and in life, we are constantly learning. We love highlighting those that continue to wonder at the work that we do, or the process we do it in, or the opportunity that’s out there. When you blend Curiosity with some other core values, you start to ask the exact right questions. You understand the difficulties of problems, and you fight hard to get to a solution.

  6. Joy

    Pure and simple – We want to have fun here. But more than that, we want the work that you do, and the people you do it with to bring you satisfaction. Every day won’t be a walk in the park, but when you have joy in what you’re doing, you’ll look forward and press on. This is what we were built for.


Do you align with these core values? We'd love to hear how and why.


We're a young, savvy digital creative marketing agency looking for inspiring, trend-hungry Designers and Developers to steer the ship of our creative studio towards client nirvana. When you put fingers to the keyboard or pencil to paper, stars of creative magic should be sent soaring. Innovation should be dripping from your eyeballs. You should delight in taking both home-brewed and existing branding elements and converting them into beautiful web experiences.

We want to make Figmints even more awesome. If you want to help us, check out the positions below and apply.

Art Director